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 Finding Wellness the Natural Way

Tarot Card and Oracle Card Readings

Card Readings

Card readings are a wonderful way to get information about a problem or issue you are wrestling with, a new project you are thinking of starting or guidance on just about anything that might be going on in your life. I use a combination of Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards and Angel Cards to do my readings. I draw on my intuition and the eternal spiritual wisdom that is all around us to bring through messages related to what you want to hear or what you need to hear.


Sometimes what you need to hear comes through in front of what you would like to hear.


For example, many of us are looking for a mate or companion and we want to know when he/she is coming into our lives. The cards don’t make predictions. Rather they give guidance or insight. So, using this example, you might hear some words of wisdom about what you need to work on in order to attract love rather than whether or not a new love is on your horizon. Many low-functioning relationships are founded on our need to be with somebody because we don’t like being alone. So we settle for a relationship with someone who is not ideal for us. When we develop into someone who is self-sufficient, independent and happy we attract someone to us who is like that as well. This will be a high-functioning relationship because both people in the relationship know how to fufill their personal needs instead of expecting it from the other. So in your tarot card reading you may receive guidance about how to change an aspect of yourself to become a a better version of yourself.


When people get a reading for the first time they are often surprised at the accuracy of the reading. The message they need to hear always comes through. Sometimes when I am working with a client doing Reiki or some other modality, I will feel intuitively guided to give a mini-reading to the client or inspired to ask them to draw a single card. This always results in a deeper level of  healing for the client as it not only gets a message to my client but also gives me deeper insight about something that might be bothering my client that he or she has may not have thought worth discussing.

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Types of Cards

The tarot (see section below, "What is the Tarot?") is a deck of 78 cards divided into two groups, Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Some also distinguish the court cards as the Court Arcana or Royal Arcana. The Minor Arcana looks very similar to a deck of playing cards. In fact, the standard 52-card deck, and 40 or 50 card Spanish deck, are both derived from the Minor Arcana. It is said that through the centuries, various religions sought to suppress ancient wisdom so that they could better exercise their control over the populace. In order to avoid becoming victims of the inquisition, card readers disguised the tarot by morphing it into the decks we have today. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Inquisition is most famous for its cruelty in Spain and the Spanish deck is the one with the fewest cards, one variant of the deck having only 40 cards.


Oracle cards are inspirational cards developed by each individual designer. There is not a standard, per se, although cards often come in the standard configuration of 44 cards. This is most likely a feature of the ease of manufacturing rather than anything else. Oracle cards offer insightful wisdom along a theme developed by the designer, who is more than likely an intuitively-guided person with deep esoteric wisdom. They offer fresh perspectives on familiar subjects and some like them as much as the Tarot. Many Oracle cards are based in the tarot, with variations, and many are not. Finally, Angel cards are primarily the work of Doreen Virtue, a prominent author, speaker, metaphysicist and psychic. Doreen is also a qualified psychologist. She has developed many decks of angel cards (and other cards) both in the style of the Tarot and in the style of Oracle cards.


DruidCraft Tarot by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Grom

Choosing a Deck

Choosing a deck to work with is a matter of personal preference. Feeling the energy in the deck and resonating with its messages is a big factor. Sometimes we choose decks that are visually appealing, other times we are attracted to the theme of the deck. One of my favorite decks to work with is the DruidCraft Tarot by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm. This deck carries the energy of the ancient druids and celtic Britain. It also emphasizes the numerology in the cards (all Tarot cards have a number associated with them just as regular playing cards do). Another of my favorite decks is the Shadowscapes deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. This deck has a fantasy theme and the cards are stunningly beautiful. I get accurate readings with both of these decks. From the Doreen Virtue decks, my current favorite is the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards. These cards seem particularly suitable for single card readings for many of my Reiki clients who are trying to meet their spirit guides and guardian angels.


When reading for a client, I usually choose one deck for the primary spread, another deck for the guiding card and a third deck for the final message. I will work with other decks as well if my client has additional questions after the initial readings. I choose the decks based on intuitive guidance and sometimes I invite my client to choose their own deck from a selection that I put in front of them. This ensures the best reading.

What is The Tarot?

The tarot is an ancient divinatory tool, in the form of a deck of cards, that is carefully constructed to provide guidance for the human journey. It was brought to Earth via the Egyptian God of Wisdom, Thoth. In modern times, the wisdom of the the Law of One, brought to us by Ra, also contains essential information about how to interpret the Tarot.


Over the years, due to the suppression of ancient wisdoms in favor of a patriarchal society based on religious doctrine, the wisdom of Thoth was lost or surpressed. The 78-card Tarot deck morphed into what is now known as the Standard 52-card Playing Card deck, it is said, so that the ancient wisdom could be perpetuated out in the open without users being subject to persecution by the inquisition. However much was lost in the translation since all the cards of the Major Arcana were removed. The Major Arcana is a set of 22 cards that represent the stages of the hero’s journey (in the Tarot, this is called the Fool’s journey). The Hero’s journey is the archetypal monomyth of the human journey from birth to death and consequent evolution into a more highly evolved, more loving and wiser human. This is why the tarot has so much wisdom inherent in its cards. Each of us, as we travel through our life on earth, encounter many of the same stages in our journey, even though the details of each stage are unique to each individual. We all have trials, emotions, and problems that we have to overcome. We all strive to love one another and do the right thing. We all experience “dark nights of the soul” when we come to realizations about the reality of all things, and we all have to make difficult decisions that factor in the feelings of beloved others in addition to ourselves.


In the last two centuries, the Tarot has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity thanks to the wisdom and insight of people like Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith who developed the deck known as the Rider Waite deck (published by the Rider company) and brought it out into the open. Waite was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, an occult organization that preserved ancient wisdom. Also a member of the Golden Dawn was Alistair Crowley who developed another version of the Tarot, known as the Thoth deck. These two decks form the basis of most modern decks, which are all variants and interpretations of the original themes laid out by Thoth. The decks share many similarities and only a few differences.


How do Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards Work?

When I was a small child about 3 or 4 years old, my mom used to listen to music on the radio. I used to think that all the bands playing music were somehow miniaturized and standing inside the radio awaiting their turn to sing their song. Now, of course, I know that the radio is simply a receiver for digitalized information that is beamed, more often than not, from a ground station to satellites in the sky and back to Earth. Every radio that is tuned in on that channel picks up the music.


No-one knows exactly how the Tarot and Oracle card messages are received or why they are so accurate. There are as many explanations as there are people on the planet. I tend to think it works something like the radio. First you must tune in by preparing yourself psychically to receive the messages. This is what the reader does. Then you must put your energy into the cards, this is a form of tuning in to the messages that are right for you to receive. Thus, I always invite my client to shuffle the cards or cut the deck and think about the issue they would like an answer to. This draws upon the Law of Attraction which can be explained by the laws of multi-dimensional or quantum physics, some of which, admittedly, we are still formulating.


Just as the three year old me grew up to understand more about the physics of the radio, I am convinced our society is growing up to learn more about metaphysics and multi-dimensional phsyics. I frequently tell people that metaphsyics is simply physics we haven’t proven yet. Many of the things we used to think could not exist are now proven to exist as we have learned more through technology and scientific research. One of these things is the human aura. It was not so long ago that most people in American society thought the aura did not exist. Now we can measure it and interpret its colors using modern technology.


One day, and it might not be that far away, physics and science will provide a definitive answer on how the Tarot works. However it works, the Tarot is, strangely, uncannily accurate in getting to the bottom of an issue or problem and incredibly wise in providing guidance. I have regular clients who come for a reading whenever they are facing a major difficulty or emotional stumbling block to get the messages that divine spiritual wisdom is just dying to help them find. As most people know, the help your angels can give you is limited until you specifically ask because they must respect our Free Will. Coming for a reading is one way of asking, and the messages of the Tarot is one way they can answer you.


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