Finding Wellness the Natural Way
 Finding Wellness the Natural Way


  • Holistic Health Consultation
  • Reiki Session
  • Nutritional Analysis and Counseling
  • Aura Photos
  • Psychic/Tarot Card Readings


Holistic Health and/or Holistic Nutritional Analysis/Diet Consultation:

Initial Visit $75. Follow on appointments: $35


Reiki Session (60 mins) $60

3 Sessions purchased in advance $120 ($40 per session)


2 Aura Photos(1 chakra shot and 1head and shoulders) photo on 4x6 glossy $20

Photos with full, personal aura interpretation reading $50 (up to one hour)


Tarot Card/Oracle Card Readings $30 for 30 minutes / $50 for one hour reading

I will always include card readings as part of a Reiki session upon request at no additional charge.


Reiki for pets - prices quoted on request. It is best to give more than one session with pets and best given in your home where you pet is settled and comfortable.


Reiki classes: Reiki 1 or Reiki 2 (1 day class) $160. Reiki 1 and 2 (2-day class) $300

Advanced Reiki Training/Reiki Teacher $650. Payment plans are available.


Active and Retired Military, Citizens age 65 and over and children age 18 and under receive additional 15% discounts.  If I feel I can truly help someone who cannot afford to pay me I work pro bono. He ain't heavy... he's my brother. Kryon calls this the "compassion in business model."


If you are not sure if my services will work for you, ask for a free initial consultation and I'll be happy to meet with you and discuss your needs and how I might help you.


Most of my services can be given remotely, including Reiki. Remote Reiki is discussed in the Reiki FAQs. I work by telephone or your choice of face to face app such as Skype.  I prefer to give Reiki in person because it is a better experience for the client to have the human contact, but in certain cases, it makes sense to do a remote session. Prices for remote sessions are the same as prices for in-person sessions.


in special cases where people may be unable to come to the office due to mobility issues, I make house calls. I charge an additional $25 for house calls except in cases of Pet Reiki which are quoted separetely based on the needs of your pet.


Request an Appointment

Makooshla Holistic Health

7710 N. Union Blvd. Ste 100E

Colorado Springs CO 80920


Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri 10:30 - 6:30pm

Sat by appointment

Reiki Classes

Reiki Holy Fire II Level 1 & 2

Nov 11-12 2017

Feb 10-11 2018

March 17-18 2018

June 2-3 2018

Sept 22-23 2018

Nov 10-11 2018

Reiki Holy Fire II ART/Master

April 20-22 2018

Oct 12-14 2018

Karuna Reiki® Holy Fire II

July 13-15


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