Finding Wellness the Natural Way
 Finding Wellness the Natural Way

Reiki Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese hands-on healing technique for healing and stress reduction that works in a person’s energy field. It is administered by a certified Reiki practitioner. To receive Reiki, you lie on a Reiki table (like a massage table), fully clothed, and the practitioner may lay hands on you or work in your energy field, often 2 to 4 inches above your body.


How does Reiki work?

Reiki works by breaking up energy blocks in the body’s energy field. Your energy field naturally flows around your body and is a component of the human body system. When your energy is blocked you feel less than your best.

Dr Valerie Hunt, author of Infinite Mind, Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness performed numerous scientifc experiments on the human energy field. She has this to say:


“Physics has found that by periodically introducing energy into chaotic systems they can be pulled back toward order. Because the human energy field is so resilient, manipulation techniques such as hands-on healing, subtle energy devices, and body therapies introducing subtle energy into the system can more effectively preserve health than those therapies using chemical or mechanical intervention.”


 Note that Prescription drugs are a chemical intervention and surgery is a mechanical intervention.


What is the Human Energy Field?

The human energy field, also called the aura or the energetic body, is created by the trillions of cells of DNA in your body that each contains a tiny electrical charge. DNA contains biophotons, or tiny photons of light and light is energy. Each of the body’s organs generates energy. The biggest energy producer in the human body is the heart. The heart’s energy can be measured using an electrocardiogram machine. The brain’s energy is measured using an electroencephalogram. The human aura can be seen by some with the naked eye. It can also be photographed using specialized equipment.


How does Reiki feel?

People experience Reiki in a variety of ways. Some people feel heat from the Practitioner’s hands. Others feel energy moving through their body. For many people Reiki is a very soothing sensation that gently moves you to a more peaceful and serene space, like being gently rocked to sleep. After a Reiki session you may have clearer, more lucid thoughts, be more at peace, feel spontaneously happy or loved and experience relief from physical pain.


Why do you need Reiki?

As we go through our daily lives and daily routines, energy blocks come and go in response to all the stressors we face each day. Sometimes these energy blocks spontaneously clear up when our emotions are positive and we are happy. Other times, especially if we are dealing with long term stressors, such as family, job and financial issues, they build up over time, slowly moving inwards to our physical body causing illness. Reiki removes the blocks in the energetic body. Your physical body is always trying to be the healthiest it can be. When the energy field is flowing smoothly, the physical body operates more efficiently cleaning up day to day toxicity and illness.


Why does energy become blocked?

Several factors influence our energy field. We create our own energy blocks by having bad experiences, negative thoughts, unhappy thoughts and stressful lives. Stress is negative energy. Negative energy is low vibration energy. If blocks build up in our energy field we feel weak, depleted and less than our best. When people worry about us or have negative thoughts towards us, this also creates energy blocks in our energy field. Being around negative people or exposed to negative situations is another way that our energy becomes blocked.  Low vibration diets rich in processed food, too much protein, and chemical additives also cause our energy levels to sink.


Dr. Valerie Hunt, in her book Infinite Mind, Science of the Human Vibration of Consciousness, describes an experiment in which she was able to measure human energy during hands-on healing experiments:


“We observed that before the brain wave was activated and before stimuli altered the heart rate, blood pressure or breathing, the [human energy] field had already responded. This led us to postulate that a person’s primary repsonse in his world takes place first in the auric field, not in the sensory nerves nor in the brain.”


What happens if we don’t clear energy blocks?

In the short term, energy blocks create feelings of depression, lethargy, fatigue, brain fog and other negative feelings. In the long term, if energy blocks are not cleared, they can result in chronic illness. Illness moves from the energetic field into the physical body. Our chakra system regulates incoming vital life force energy. Blocks therefore are detectable in the chakras. Physical illness is likely to show up around the area of the chakra that is blocked. So a sore throat, as an example, indicates a blocked throat chakra. Therefore, clearing the throat chakra will often result in helping to clear up a sore throat.


How do you clear a chakra?

There are many ways to clear the chakras. A Reiki practitioner will clear the chakras using Reiki energy in a variety of ways. Reiki is high vibration energy and therefore breaks up low vibration energy, such as blocked energy in the chakras. You can direct Reiki energy to a specific chakra by working in the area of that chakra or by directing your focus by conscious intent to that chakra. A Reiki practitioner may also employ other modalities for clearing chakras such as crystals, tuning forks, singing bowls or a pendulum. Sound is vibration energy and is an excellent way to clear the energetic field. This is why listening to your favorite music is very soothing.  Likewise, crystals have healing vibrational frequencies which can be used in conjunction with Reiki or sound therapy to clear blocks.


How does the Reiki Practitioner know which modality to select in clearing energy blocks?

The Reiki Practitioner uses a combination of experience and intuition to determine the right approach for each individual client. We are all different and respond to different healing techniques. In my practice, I spend time talking to my clients to get to the bottom of what is causing the energy block to begin with. For example, a throat chakra might be blocked because a person is nervous about talking to a friend or relative about something that is bothering them.  If they hold onto this fear, rather than talking things out, the throat can become blocked and develop a tickle or cough. Once you realize what is causing the block, we discuss healthy approaches to dealing with the problem you are facing. 


How will I know if the block has been released?

When energy blocks are released you simply feel better. Often, in addition to feeling better physically, you experience an emotional release. Sometimes the emotional release happens first, and the physical relief takes a while longer. This is because the physical body needs time to repair itself.


What will the Reiki do for me?

Reiki  helps us on several levels. During a Reiki session, most people achieve a deep level of peace that stays with them for hours or days after the Reiki session.  It may alleviate physical or emotional pain or emotional trauma. Reiki is especially beneficial for those suffering from brain fog, PTSD, ADD, and other conditions that stop you from performing at your best. If you continue to receive Reiki over several sessions it works in you at a conscious and subconscious level to remove long held beliefs that no longer serve you, allowing you to let go of addictions, depression and anxiety.  These things are often held in the subconscious and are layered in among other negative beliefs and experiences. This is why it may take more than one Reiki session. If you think about it, it takes years to become unwell and so it makes sense that it takes us time to heal.


Where does Reiki come from?

Reiki is universal life force energy. It is the intangible chi, ki or prana energy that marks the difference between being alive and being dead. It is all around us. Our chakras draw in this universal life force energy and that is what keeps us alive. During a Reiki session, the Reiki Practitioner channels high vibration life force energy through the crown chakra and sends it out through the palms and also sometimes from the eyes to the person receiving the Reiki.


Is Reiki a belief system?

No, Reiki is not a belief system.  If it were a belief system it would only work on those that believe in it. But Reiki works on everyone. There are many scientific studies and scientists who have proven that Reiki is really being channeled and really reaches the recipient. Some Reiki proofs – such as the proof that remote Reiki works - are based in quantum or multi-dimensional physics involving the science of consciousness. But the easiest proof for most people is the experience of receiving Reiki.


Is Reiki safe for everyone?

Yes, Reiki is safe for everyone. It is often used in hospice for the elderly and dying because it is soothing and gentle. Reiki is safe for nursing mothers, for people suffering physical illness, and for people who are weak and fragile.


Will Reiki conflict with my other treatments?

No, Reiki will not conflict with any medicines you are taking, whether prescription or non-prescription and will not conflict with any other healing modalities you may be trying. In fact, Reiki may well enhance the effectiveness of other treatments you are receiving.


Is Reiki supported by science?

Yes. There are multiple studies indicating that Reiki is supported by science. Many, many authors, scientists, doctors and physicists have proven that Reiki and other energetic modalities work. Nurses often learn Reiki and it used in hospitals because its benefits following surgery are tangible. I encourage you to do your own research into the scientific basis of Reiki or go to the International Center for Reiki Training’s website to learn more.


II offer several excerpts from texts supporting proof of Reiki in my Reiki classes to prepare Reiki students for answering questions centered around proof of Reiki.


Is Reiki a spiritual or religious practice?

Since Reiki is based in physics you do not need to be either religious or spiritual to give or receive Reiki.  Since Reiki is universal life force energy it works on all living things. You can give Reiki to animals and even plants (you can look into the work of Cleve Backster, among others, for proof of plant consciousness). That said, Reiki practitioners are often spiritual and will delve into metaphysical and spiritual ideas with you if you are interested. But it is not necessary to be spiritual or religious to benefit from either giving or receiving Reiki.


Who can give Reiki?

Anyone can learn to channel healing energy and there are many energy healers in the world at large. Reiki is a specific vibration of healing energy that you receive during Reiki training from a qualified Reiki Master. Anyone can take Reiki training. It requires no special gift or skill, only a desire to learn.


Why do you need Reiki?

Life is an emotional journey. Part of our life journey is learning how to deal with multiple stressors - daily stressors as well as life long stressors - and the chaos of the outside world, and yet find our inner peace and achieve personal happiness. Reiki is a wonderful tool for use on that journey, no matter where you are in your life.


Can you give Reiki remotely?

You can absolutely give Reiki remotely. If you have the choice it is always better to have a Reiki session in person because the personal interaction with another human, the human touch and the atmosphere of the Reiki room enhance the experience of the person receiving Reiki. However, it is not necessary. If someone is bedridden, in another town, another state, or even another country, the Reiki is still effective.  You can even send Reiki to yourself or others for a future event, such as a job interview, a dentist visit or a meeting at work with a difficult individual.


How does remote Reiki work?

Consciousness is energy and energy is consciousness. So when we set the intent to give Reiki remotely, it somehow miraculously finds the intended recipient. There is a scientific explanation for how this works. It has to do with the quantum field, which has been called various things by various scientists. David Wilcock in his book Source Field Investigations calls it "the Source Field", Lynne Taggart in her book, The Field: the Quest for the Secret Life of the Universe, calls it simply "the Field." Essentially there is a web of interconnectness that permeates the space-time continuum. Reiki energy travels across this web of interconnectedness – the Field – to reach the recipient. Radio waves, cell phone signals, and light, all of which are energy, travel through the Source Field. Thought is also energy and can be directed with conscious intent.


Here is a helpful article:


How does Reiki compare to other energy healing modalities such as Healing Touch?

Healing Touch is another energy-based healing modality that is very similar to Reiki. All energy healing works because it is based in physics. Reiki is a particular vibration of healing energy. When you receive a Reiki placement to become a Reiki Practitioner, you are receiving a specific frequency of high vibration energy. The Holy Fire Reiki uses a more refined frequency attuned for the New Earth Energy (scroll down for FAQs about Holy Fire Reiki and the New Earth Energy). High vibration energy breaks down low vibration energy (sickness, depression, anger, grief, etc. are all low vibration energy).  This is why Reiki works. A Reiki Practitioner is called to Reiki in much the same way as anyone is called to their vocation. Over the course of my practice I have found Reiki to be a very powerful healing vibration that works gently and patiently in the subtle body to effect changes in the exact proportion that each individual can accept the changes. Change is very difficult for most people, even the change from illness to wellness can be a difficult transition for some of us.


When you choose a Reiki Practitioner, just as you choose a dentist, a doctor, a job, etc., it is important to look for a personality that you resonate with. There are many different types of healing modalities just as there are many different types of people, each with their own set of preferences, aversions, likes and dislikes. Often it’s the personality of the healer, more than the healing modality itself, that draws you in.


Can my dog or cat get Reiki?

Reiki is great for pets. You can give Reiki to any pet, including dogs, cats, hamsters and horses. Because animals don’t have a human filter of skepticism, they are especially receptive to Reiki. You will see them calm visibly before your eyes. It’s great for animals who are stressed or hyper, or suffering the physical pain of arthritis or aging, and pets dealing with an illness. You can become proactive in helping an aging pet by receiving Reiki I training and giving your pet Reiki. This works out much cheaper over time than bringing your pet for Reiki or having a Practitioner come to your home to give your pet Reiki.


Holy Fire Reiki FAQs


What is Holy Fire Reiki?

Holy Fire Reiki is a high vibration Reiki energy that comes from a higher level of consciousness. It was introduced by the International Center for Reiki Training in 2014 and is better suited to support Earth’s evolution and the New Earth Energy.


Here is a useful link:


How is Holy Fire Reiki different from other types of Reiki?

Holy Fire Reiki is based on the traditional Usui Ryoho Reiki that was introduced in Japan by Mikao Usui brought to us from Japan by Hawayo Takata via Chujiro Hyashi. Usui Ryoho Reiki is the foundation of most Reiki as it is practiced in the United States. Practitioners of the Holy Fire continue to learn the Reiki basics as taught in the traditional Usui Ryoho style of Reiki. The difference is the vibration of the energy that is received in the Reiki Placement when a student becomes a Reiki Practitioner. Holy Fire Reiki comes from a higher level of consciousness.


What is the New Earth Energy?

Our solar system, the sun, all the planets, and Earth itself are moving through space to a new part of space (called the Photon Belt) that has a higher vibration – a higher frequency.  Thus Earth is ascending in vibration. Since humans are part of Earth’s eco-system, we are all raising our vibration and responding to the massive influx of high vibration energy that is bombarding the Earth. This is why many people are awakening and the veil between Earth and other dimensions (which you can also think of as the spirit world) is thinning. As the energy of everything around us is increasing, we are experiencing massive releases of karma on many levels: personal, cultural, and global. This is why there appears to be chaos in the world and many friends and relatives you know are experiencing horrible loss, devastation and catastrophe in their personal lives. Reiki Holy Fire energy is especially suited to support us at this time. Its gentle strength supports us through the turmoil, prepares us for the New Earth Energy, and helps us find inner peace, as well as outer calm.


Where does Holy Fire Reiki come from?

Like other types of Reiki, Holy Fire Reiki energy is universal life force energy. Everything around us is energy and so the energy comes from everywhere and it is directed by conscious intent. Holy Fire Reiki is a more refined form of Reiki that comes from a higherform of consciousness. Holy Fire Reiki Practitioners go through their own personal healing journey when they take Holy Fire Reiki training and therefore are able to channel higher consciousness energy more clearly than before their Holy Fire Reiki training. This is especially true for Reiki Practitioners who  practiced other forms of Reiki (such as I did) prior to taking the Holy Fire Reiki training.


Is Holy Fire Reiki religious?

Holy Fire Reiki is not religious. The word “Holy” comes from the same root as “whole” or “holistic.” Holy is not a word exclusive to religion. As with other forms of Reiki, it is not necessary to belong to any particular faith or religious belief system. Because Holy Fire Reiki is energy, it works for all people of all faiths, including those who are deeply religious. It does not conflict with or contradict any religion. It also works for atheists and agnostics. Having said that, as I have said before, many Reiki Practitioners are spiritual, and Reiki can sometimes lead you on a spiritual journey. But is it not necessary to be either religious or spiritual to give or receive any type of Reiki, including Holy Fire Reiki. The scientific basis of Holy Fire Reiki energy healing is in physics, not religion.




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