Finding Wellness the Natural Way
 Finding Wellness the Natural Way

You Are What You Eat...

Not a very original title but very, very true. The human body is a living organism. Whatever you put into your body is creating your body. If you fill it full of artificial preservatives and processed foods devoid of the nutrition which nature intended to be there, can you continue to enjoy good health?


The answer is no.


Whatever you put into your body is all it has to work with. If you continue to purchase and eat factory food instead of fresh, wholesome, organic farm food, your body cannot perform at its best. If you just stop to think about it, it makes perfect sense. But in the heat of the moment, in the middle of our busy lives, in a crowded supermarket, we forget all that and reach for something quick and easy.

Ingredients are Key

If there is an ingredient list on the food you are purchasing that's an automatic tip off that the food has been tampered with by humans, most likely in a factory. Notice that nature's foods, like oranges, bananas, and lettuce do not come with ingredient lists. 


Many of us don't read the ingredients. We read the labels on the front which use tantalizing marketing statements like "all natural," "gluten free," or "18 grams of protein in every serving." This is meaningless information for the most part. If you turn the packet or jar over and look for the ingredient list, sometimes cleverly hidden behind a flap, or in very tiny font that is unreadable for many of us, you will get a very different story.

Fresh fruits have more vitamins per calorie than any other food source, with minerals coming in second. Fresh vegetables have more minerals per calorie than any other food source with fruits coming in second (according to Dr. Douglas Graham, author of Nutrition and Athletic Performance). Only raw, unprocessed fruits and vegetables have enzymes, essential to life. If you eat an ample supply of raw, fresh fruits and vegetables daily your body will have all the tools it needs to become healthy and stay that way.


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